Writing about your life zinsser

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“Simplicity” by William Zinsser

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William Zinsser

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Writing About Your Life : A Journey into the Past

William Zinsser’s charming “Writing about Your Life” is less a how-to book in writing creative autobiography than it is well-told stories of fascinating moments in the author’s life.

Early on in the book, these remembrances serve as illustrations for Zinsser’s points about memoir accademiaprofessionebianca.coms: This highly original book by William Zinsser, author of the classic guide On Writing Well, tells you how to write about the people and places and events in your life that have been important to you—whether you’re writing a memoir, a family history or just a recollection of experiences you’d like to preserve or more fully understand.

“I find that the writing of a memoir has two functions.

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One is to pass on, as much as you’re willing to tell, the fact’s and deeds of your life to those who might be at all interested. The other function is to discover a truth about yourself that you never had either the time. William Zinsser was a lifelong journalist and nonfiction writer—he began his career on the New York Herald Tribune in —and was also a teacher, best known for his book On Writing Well, a companion held in affection by three generations of writers, reporters, editors, teachers and students.

Writing About Your Life (English, Paperback) William Zinsser. Written with elegance, warmth, and humor, this highly original "teaching memoir" by William Zinsser?renowned bestselling author of On Writing Well gives you the tools to organize and recover your past, and the confidence to believe in your life.

Writing Places: The Life Journey of a Writer and Teacher by William Zinsser William Zinsser's classic bestseller, On Writing Well, has inspired three generations of writers, journalists and students.

Writing about your life zinsser
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