Logotherapy finding your meaning in the world

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Searching for purpose? Logotherapy might help

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Searching for purpose? Logotherapy might help

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The truth – that love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which Man can aspire. Simply, logotherapy is a therapy based on finding meaning and the ability to choose. Frankl found meaning and choice while behind the fences of Auschwitz–a place where virtually everything is taken from you except your ability to perceive.

Logotherapy is a term derived from the words "logos," a Greek word that translates as "meaning," and therapy, which is defined as treatment of a condition, illness, or neurosis.

Frankl observed. Logotherapy is based on an existential analysis focusing on Kierkegaard's will to meaning as opposed to Adler's Nietzschean doctrine of will to power or Freud's will to pleasure. Rather than power or pleasure, logotherapy is founded upon the belief that striving to find meaning in life is the primary, most powerful motivating and driving force.

Aug 31,  · Logotherapy is a term derived from the words "logos," a Greek word that translates as "meaning," and therapy, which is defined as treatment of a condition, illness, or neurosis.

Frankl observed. Logotherapy.


Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy is based on the premise that the human person is motivated by a “will to meaning,” an inner pull to find a meaning in life.

Logotherapy finding your meaning in the world
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