Essay on if i had alladin magic lamp

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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

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Minerva Central School. Miss Gereau, Grade 5 “If I found a magic lamp and I had three wishes I would wish to be taller, and live in a beach house that is free and to have as many wishes as I.

Sep 30,  · Essay on if i got a magic lamp aladdin. Posted by on Sep 30, in Essay on if i got a magic lamp aladdin | Comments Off on Essay on if i got a magic lamp aladdin. Fahrenheit essay on similarities to our society hakim raisin in the sun racism essay pride and prejudice essay on first impressions?

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What will you do if you get Alladin's magic lamp ?

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Littmann, “Alf layla. ALADDIN was the son of a poor tailor in an Eastern city. He was a spoiled boy, and loved play better than work; so that when Mustapha, his father, died, he was not able to earn his living; and his poor mother had to spin cotton all day long to buy food for their support.

Dec 10,  · What will you do if you get Alladin's magic lamp? we can create a new palace, we can create a nation, we can become king, we can get cute princess, prince, and we can get jewels etc.,etc., if by luck, If i get the alladin lamp then i will pray for the world to never get attacked by natural disasters as in film.

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Essay on if i had alladin magic lamp
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